Clicksia i Incentria - koniec działalności po 7 latach istnienia

Clicksia i Incentria - koniec działalności po 7 latach istnienia
Clicksia i Incentria - koniec działalności po 7 latach istnienia

Po 7 latach istnienia i systematycznego płacenia strona (data powstania 2007 rok) oraz siostrzana strona: (data powstania 2008 rok) zakończyły swoją działalność. Właściciel stron William Jackson (NorthOwl) tłumaczy decyzję zamknięcia stron kiepskim stanem zdrowia oraz słabymi przychodami.

Oficjalny news, opublikowany 28 maja 2014, na forum

"As some of you already know, for a while now my health has been very bad. This combined with the poor site revenue has forced me to a heartbreaking decision of shutting down the sites.

Health: My health has been very bad for the past few years and getting worse. It is very difficult for me to run such time intensive websites (even with help there stuff that only admin can do). Due to health I have not been able to add new features or much needed developments to the sites. I have been working almost 7 years now every single day and I need to take time for myself and work on my self and my health.

Financial: The sites have had very poor sales for a while now, and I have been using my income from affiliates and other earning sources to keep the sites going and pay members ect...

When it comes to disputes I ask that you please have a heart. Also let me remind of the terms of service you agreed to regarding refunds.
"Refund Policy: All purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE. Aside from this, we will work with you to solve any problems you may have. Any disputes or chargebacks will result in immediate account termination and possible legal action to reclaim any lost funds and damages."

To show that I am not a scammer and not running away with peoples money let me post some site stats.

Keep in mind this is almost 7 years of sales and payouts.

Some will ask why I do not sell the sites, I thought long and hard about this and due to the poor revenue, there is a good chance that the new owner would not make enough to pay members ect...and would just end up hurting members further. Ontop of this the new person would have all members data ect..

Regarding EMS, since it takes hardly any of my time due to the great work of Mak and Money I will continue operating it for the foreseeable future for everyone. IF there comes a point in my health were I cannot even keep EMS going I will make sure it stays online with a new owner.

Zobacz, które programy zarobkowe płacą systematycznie od wielu lat <<-- 

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